Our mission

To supply you the
best-priced fuel.

As a distributor of Regular, Super, Diesel, Colored Diesel, Furnace Oil and Propane fuels, GoFuel offers businesses that consume 20,000 liters of fuel or more annually the lowest price on the oil market. We also offer residential furnace oil and propane products with no minimum quantity requirements.

Doing business with America’s largest oil companies, GoFuel has excellent purchasing and negotiating power with its suppliers.

Carburant au meilleur prix - Meilleur distributeur de gaz au Canada

The GoFuel advantage

Equipment supplier

We provide the equipment you need to manage your fuel at NO CHARGE in a safe way.

24/7 service

24/7 service so you never run out of fuel, even in the middle of the night.

Affiliate program

Anyone who refers new clients to us can receive a $500 rebate.


All types of equipment to manage your fuel consumption.

About us

GoFuel is the ideal solution for any businesses that consume more than 20,000 liters of fuel annually or for individuals who need furnace oil or propane for their home. By negotiating the price of regular or premium gasoline, diesel or dyed diesel, furnace oil and propane from many major oil suppliers, GoFuel guarantees the most competitive prices.

In addition, you can take advantage of our equipment at no monthly fee. They are very safe and meet the standards and laws of the RBQ and TSSA. We provide the tank(s), hose and gun, and high-flow pump. You can also control the fuel consumption with a smart management system.

We serve North America (Canada and US), Central America and the Caribbean.

Why choose us?

By doing business with GoFuel, you will benefit from the following advantages: